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Laws of the Town of Riverdale Park

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There are three documents making up the laws of the Town of Riverdale Park. The versions on this web site are the most recent versions in electronic form, but do not include changes since December 2005. The official and complete versions are available at town hall.

All of these documents are stored in Adobe® Acrobat® format. To read them you need the free Acrobat Reader, which is available at

The first document is the Town Charter. This document establishes the town and establishes the structure of government. The Charter is for the town as the Constitution is to the country. This is the December, 2005, version.

The second document is the Town Code (you can also see an older version in html format Town Code; it is enormous, though). These are laws enacted by the council and mayor and specify what is legal and not legal for town residents. It is the equivalent of the laws passed by the US Congress and signed by the President. This is the December, 2005, version.

The third document is the Election Manual. This document details how elections are run and is mainly used by the election judges.

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