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General Government supports the services provided by Police, Public Works, Beautification, Recreation, Special Projects, Fire, and Economic Development Promotion departments of the town. It ensures the town is responsive to the needs of its customers, the citizens. This is accomplished by implementing policy set by theMayor and Council, responding to citizen inquiries and concerns, exercising fiduciary prudence with town monies, planning for the town's future and communicating to the public what is being done.

This department is responsible for the following major administrative functions:

  • Collection of all town revenues and other town funds
  • Payments of all town obligations
  • Management and investment of town funds
  • Accounting of all financial transactions
  • Preparation of payroll
  • Purchasing of goods and services
  • Personnel services
  • Data processing
  • Benefit administration
  • Management of the town's insurance coverage
  • Budgeting preparation
  • Grant development and administration
  • Financial reporting
  • Debt service management
  • Records management
  • Community relations
  • Code advertising and codification
  • Public Information/Town Newsletter
  • Code enforcement
  • Residential rental inspections and administration
  • Intergovernmental relations
  • Sustainable development activities
  • Economic Development (see Small Business Assistance Programs Available to Riverdale Park Businesses)
  • Planning and zoning recommendations
  • Special Events
  • Audit administration

Other services provided under General Government include: Election Judges who assist in conducting the biennial election of the Mayor and Council and any special elections.

You can reach the Town Administrator (Pat Prangley) by calling the Town Offices at (301) 927-6381.

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