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A Note of Thanks

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By Ann Ferguson

In the past few weeks I have received flowers, notes, visits, and telephone calls from residents expressing thanks for my years of service on behalf of the town. These have been heartwarming and welcome. It is important to me that I offer my own expressions of thanks to those who contributed to the success of those years on behalf of the town.

While one person may set a direction for the future, it will only be successful if others follow along the pathway with them. I thank the department heads: Town Administrator Prangley, Chief Evans and Public Works Supervisor Donaldson; they have been committed in assuring that their employees gave their best effort to make the town a clean, safe and well-organized place to live. I also recall the fine work of the late Frank Freshley, Public Works Supervisor, and the contributions of Chief Kalmus, who retired after five years spent reorganizing the Police Department.

A basket full of thanks is owed to the many volunteers who have given their time and talent to see that children's activities are offered and that the town could offer the benefit of a business association, traffic study and web site committees, preservation organization and farmer's market--these opportunities exist only because good and caring people made them happen.

Councilmember Mary Donaldson is owed my admiration as well as thanks. I do not know another person who has given more community service to her constituents--both service for the problems brought to her attention, but also service beyond the call of duty when she recognized persons in need and was willing to be the one to meet the need. Mary Donaldson ranks very high in my esteem and respect.

Finally, I express sincere thanks to the many residents who have told me, during the past 12 years, that my direction for the town was the direction they wanted to follow. It has been my privilege to represent you and I have fully enjoyed your good will and friendship. Your support and approval made the effort worthwhile.

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