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Council Actions for November 2001

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Following is a summary of council actions taken at the October 1 regular legislative and October 10 special legislative sessions. Absences, abstentions, and opposing votes are noted.

Regular Legislative Session October 1, 2001

  1. Approved six-foot fence request at 4906 Riverdale Road, Ward 2. Approval is dependent upon acceptance of regular inspections at the request of the Town upon appropriate notification.
  2. Motion passed to accept streets and sidewalks in Madison Hill, Ward 2.
  3. Motion passed to adopt Guidelines for the Publication of the Town Crier (version two). CM Tiberio voted in opposition.
  4. Motion passed to establish a Spanish page for the Town Crier.
  5. Motion passed for Street Parking Legislation. The legislation is to expand distance between parked vehicles and driveways into commercial vehicles properties.
  6. Motion passed to change meeting times for Legislative and Work Sessions from 8:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. CM Scott and Tiberio voted in opposition. Change is to take effect at the October 29 Work Session.

Special Legislative Session October 10, 2001

  1. Employees may donate annual or sick leave to any other employee who has exhausted or will exhaust their leave due to an extended period of absence.
  2. Extension of time from December 31 until June 30 for employees to take any vacation carryover.

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