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Community Center Survey Results

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by Gerard F. Kiernan

This article presents the results from the survey that was published in the November issue of the Town Crier. 2033 surveys were mailed out. 113 were returned on time and 5 more were received on November 29 and 30. The committee decided to consider these late arrivals in the analysis. The 118 replies give a 5.8% response rate for the survey.

The questions are given as they were in the survey with minor editorial corrections for space. [For a better formatted and more complete set of survey results, please look at the Community Center Study Committee page -- ]

The Department of Parks and Recreation in Prince George's County operates Community Centers throughout the County. In particular, there are three neighboring Centers.

1. Have any members of your household used any of the facilities or taken part in an activity sponsored by one of these centers in the last:
1 year 2 years Never
1a. Berwyn Heights 2 5 86
1b. College Park 9 8 79
1c. Pr. George's Plaza 4 6 81
1d. Other 12 11 49

2. If members of your household currently use a community center, how often do they go?
2a. More than once a week 5
2b. Once a week 8
2c. Once a month 7
2d. Several times per year 10

3. If your household does not use any of the existing community centers, please tell us why?
3a. No interest in programs/activities offered 51
3b. No transportation available to get there 6
3c. Schedule is not convenient 19
3d. Costs too much 9
3e. Unaware of the Center and its activities 21
3f. Other 17

4. If your household uses one of the existing community centers, which of the following activities do you participate in?
4a. Senior Citizen Activities 9
4b. Adult Education 4
4c. Adult Fitness/Exercise Classes 13
4d. Teen Activities 3
4e. Children's Arts/Crafts 9
4f. Children's Exercise Classes 6
4g. Special Populations Activities 1
4h. Organized Sports League 9

5. Have any members of your household visited the old or new College Park Aviation Museum?
Yes 68 No 44

6. Have any members of your household toured or attended cultural events sponsored by the Riversdale Mansion? Yes 80 No 31

7. Do any members of your household participate in activities sponsored by the Riverdale Boys and Girls Club? Yes 19 No 93

8. Do any members of your household participate in recreational activities (for example, Scouting or sports teams) organized by their church or school?
Yes 31 No 77

9. The Riverdale Park Recreation Board or the Town sponsors the following activities during the year. Have any members of your household attended any of them in the last five years?
Yes No
9a. Easter Egg Hunt 33 60
9b. Summer Day Camp 4 79
9c. Riverdale Park Day 85 21
9d. Children's Halloween Party 26 62
9e. Children's Holiday Party 21 67
9f. Seniors' Holiday Luncheon 20 72
9g. English Language Classes 0 82
9h. Dance Classes 12 74
9i. Farmers' Market 95 18

10. A center could offer services in addition to those previously listed. The following are some suggestions. Please check those of interest to you.

10a. Community health screening 37
10b. Citizenship classes 7
10c. Mom's morning out 16
10d. Adult day care 10
10e. Full time child care 8
10f. Part time child care 10
10g. Performing arts space 34
10h. Visual arts exhibit space 36
10i. Meeting rooms 32
10j. Other 15

11. If a community center is established, and funded in part with Town money, should fees for non-residents be higher than for residents?
Yes 92 No 14

12. If a community center is established. and funded in part with Town money, are you willing to have your real estate taxes increased to pay to build and operate the center? Yes 21 No 95

13. If a community center is established in Riverdale Park, will your household use it?
Yes 39 No 64

14. Do you think that there is a need for a community center in Riverdale Park?
Yes 31 No 81

Some information about your household:

14. Do you live in a: House 112 Apartment 5

15. If you live in a house, do own or rent it?
Own 113 Rent 0

16. Please check the ages of the members of this household: 0-6 15
7-12 15
13-18 16
19-50 69
51-up 69

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