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A Message from the Town Public Works Department (August 2001)

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By Wilson Biado

Metal Pickup is on the third Wednesday of each month. Please do not put metal items out with your regular and heavy trash. Also, please remove gas tanks from lawnmowers and remove the rubber wheels from bicycles, lawn mowers, etc. We will not be able to pickup these items intact anymore. We cannot take items with freon such as: freezers, refrigerators, humidifiers, and A/C units. The next metal pickup day will be August 15.

Recycling bucket replacements can be obtained free from the county Office of Recycling at 301-952-7630.

Please keep tree branches and bagged grass cuttings separate from your regular trash. Also, please separate the grass cuttings from the tree branches. We cannot pickup tree limbs that are larger than 6 inches in diameter or longer than 5 feet. The landfill no longer accepts these items. We have found a vendor who will take the tree limbs and grass cuttings for half the price of the landfill and will then compost them. This allows the town to save money and to find an environmentally sensible solution to our disposal needs.

Public Works has been experiencing problems with the trash trucks breaking down. On days that this happens and we only have two trucks to pickup trash, it will take longer for all the trash to be picked up. When this happens, non-trash items such as tree limbs may not be picked up until the following day. We are committed to having all the trash picked up on the designated trash pickup day by the close of business for Public Works.

Reminder: Trash pickup is only for the trash generated by each household in the Town. Individuals who operate home improvement-type businesses may not put their work-related waste out to the curb for town trash pickup. These individuals must arrange for the disposal of these items at the county landfill or elsewhere.

Wilson Biado is the Acting Assistant Public Works Supervisor.

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