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This section of the web site contains information about services provided by the Town Government to residents of Riverdale (such as the Public Works Department and Police). It also tells you how to Contact the Mayor & Council so you can get in touch with the people who represent you in town government. You can contact many of departments in the Town of Riverdale Park directly.

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Contact Information

(C-3 on the map)
Phone Number
Town Hall5008 Queensbury Road
Riverdale Park, MD 20737
(301) 927-6381
Police Department5004 Queensbury Road
Riverdale Park, MD 20737
(301) 927-4343
Fire Department4714 Queensbury Road
Riverdale Park, MD 20737
(301) 927-0356
(call 911 in an emergency)
Public Works5012 Queensbury Road
Riverdale Park, MD 20737
(301) 864-1803

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