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Town Crier for September 2000

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Kenilworth Avenue Project Moves Ahead

Residents who use Kenilworth Avenue south of East West Highway know that the road work underway has created a challenge for drivers. The State Highway Administration began this project in the fall of 1999 and moved into full gear in the spring of 2000.

The goal of the project is to calm traffic from the area of Fletcher's Field (Old Edmonston Road) north to East-West Highway. The specific details call for installation/upgrade of sidewalks on both sides to accommodate pedestrians, the removal of one travel lane on both sides, and the enlargement of the median islands. The expanded islands will be finished with brick pavers, installed on a slant, with a raised planting bed that will be planted with shrubs, groundcover plants, and low-growing trees.

Two safety hazards exist in this stretch of roadway that led to the State's funding of this 2.5 million dollar project. Drivers coming south along Kenilworth Avenue at a high rate of speed made no adjustment to their speed as they entered this area in our town. We have a high volume of pedestrians here, crossing from the apartment complexes to get to the bus stops and shops on the east side, many violating the pedestrian crossing rules.

The final stage of the project will be installation of new signage to focus attention on the requirements for pedestrian safety. State Highway officials anticipate the project will be completed before the onset of winter weather.

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