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Town Crier for July/August 2003

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Riverdale Park Business News

By Audrey Bragg

The Riverdale Park Business Association (RBA) is an association of business owners in Riverdale Park dedicated to promoting local business, creating a positive environment in Riverdale for local businesses, business networking and other concerns of its members. 

We are delighted to announce that the new RBA website is up and operating. On it you can read recent meeting minutes, learn about local businesses, and become involved in our network of leaders. The web address is 

We invite all businesses in Riverdale Park to contact us and become part of this exciting organization promoting economic development in our town. Some of the activities reported at our June meeting include:

  • A successful Christmas in April Program. Solicitations for the 2004 program are being accepted

  • Endorsement of the Jobs for Youth Program

  • Support for the September Anacostia Trails Heritage Area (ATHA) Carnival

  • Partnership with the town in preparation of a WELCOME PACKET for new business and residents

  • Mayor Tiberio addressed business leaders about the town's financial condition and the importance of the business community

  • RBA Committees are working on several issues including Business Beautification and Sponsorship of Community Activities for the coming year.

The RBA will resume monthly meeting in September. Plan to join us at the Calvert House on September 9th . Be involved, build a better business environment, and make a difference in our community.

(Audrey Bragg may be called at 301-277-7393.)

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