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Redistricting (2000 Census)

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By Guy Tiberio

On November 4, the proposed Resolution 02-OR-5 was introduced by Councilmember Guy Tiberio for First Reading. This resolution outlines the newly proposed boundaries for the 6-ward plan agreed upon by the full council at the October 12 work session. This plan is in general compliance with Supreme Court requirements regarding equality of population, contiguity of neighborhoods, and non-discriminatory practices. The final reading, hearing and proposed adoption will be voted upon at the December 2 town council meeting. A map is attached that delineates the boundaries. The main differences between the old boundaries and those proposed are:

New Ward 1: Essentially the same as old Ward 4, with an additional 6 blocks added from old Ward 1.

New Ward 2: Mostly the area between the train tracks and the Anacostia River, with an addition of the entire Riversdale Mansion block, plus two additional blocks east of the Anacostia River (the 5300 blocks of Riverdale Rd. and Powhatan Rd.)

New Ward 3: Essentially the same as old Ward 3, with the addition of the south side of the 4700 block of Oglethorpe St., plus the 4700 block of Nicholson St. In the blocks between Oglethorpe St. and Longfellow St., all of Lafayette Ave. and 48th Ave. are added.

New Ward 4: All of Madison Hill is included. Also included is the area between the Anacostia River and the east curb side of Kenilworth Ave., including Quesada Rd., 54th Pl., 5400 block of Powhatan Rd., 5400 block of Riverdale Rd., Riverdale Plaza, St. Bernard's Properties, 54th Ave. between the 5600 block and East-West Hwy., and the 5400 block of Jefferson St.

Guy Tiberio is the Ward 3 Councilmember.

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