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Students Celebrate Trees

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An Arbor Day riddle: How is Riverdale Elementary School like a beautiful tree? -- They both have deep roots, both reach for the stars, and both will endure in beauty throughout the ages! Accordingly, on April 25, a number of Riverdale community leaders joined us, as we held our 2nd annual Arbor Day Celebration at Riverdale Elementary School.

Arbor Day is a nationally celebrated day of observance promoting tree planting and tree care. On the first Arbor Day, in 1872, citizens planted more than one million trees in one state (Nebraska)! Knowing that, can you imagine how many trees have been planted throughout the United States in honor of Arbor Day during these past 130+ years?!

We, at Riverdale Elementary School love to do our part to help. First, the Town of Riverdale Park donated a River Birch to be planted on our school property. Second, our Principal, Carmela Smith, chose a location for our new tree to be planted. Third, Riverdale Public Works Dept. made sure the site was safe, dug a hole, and placed the tree in its new home. As the celebration commenced, April 25 was officially proclaimed Arbor Day in Riverdale Park. Jill Walker, our Vice-Principal, addressed the group to offer words of enthusiasm and thanks for this event as a continuing part of our Riverdale Elementary School heritage. We concluded the celebration with our Riverdale Elementary student council representatives helping to plant the tree, and performing songs to commemorate the event.

Riverdale Elementary School expresses a special Thank You! to Ward I Councilmember Rebecca Feldberg, State Forester Beth Bader; Riverdale Mayor Michael Herman, and other community leaders and workers, as well as to the members of our Riverdale Elementary School staff and our wonderful students. Working together, we made our 2nd annual Arbor Day Celebration a success for today and for future generations.

Jaclyn Zier is a teacher at Riverdale Elementary School; Carmela Smith is Principal. Tel. (301) 985-1850.

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