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Public Works Notices for May 2003

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Spring Clean-Up Day: Riverdale Park's Spring Clean-up day will be Monday, May 19, 2003. Do not put out metals or tires that day. Yard waste will be collected for the A side on Tuesday, May 20.

Help Reduce Mosquitoes: Please inspect your yard for mosquito breeding spots. Keep trashcans closed. Hose out birdbaths twice a week and empty any other shallow containers where water accumulates. Tires are a notorious breeding ground so please remove your tires as soon as possible. There is a $2.50 each ($2.00 for seniors 60+) disposal fee for tire pickup.

Holiday Pick Up: Monday, May 26, 2003, Public Works will be closed. Garbage pick up for the whole Town will be on Tuesday, May 27, 2003. Yard waste pick up for the whole Town will be on Wednesday, May 28, 2003.

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