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This civic committee was established by council resolution in October of 1998. The resolution establishing this committee reads

WHEREAS the Town of Riverdale Park is an older urban community that includes neighborhoods of historic and newer residential and business development;

WHEREAS the Town has encouraged, through legislation, code enforcement, and volunteer community projects, the restoration and renovation of its residential and commerical properties;

WHEREAS although the Town generally has benefited from the work of residents and business owners to upgrade their properties, some of the projects have not been architecturally compatible with the surrounding neighborhood, regardless of type of predominant architecture;

WHEREAS in January 1998 the Mayor and Council accepted the vision statement of October 7, 1997, "to serve as a guide for and to test all future planning and other similar efforts as deemed appropriate";

WHEREAS the vision statement declares in the section "Infrastructure and Building Standards" that "The Town will create and follow guidelines to influence new development, renovation of existing structures, and infrastructure" and also that "Neighboring structures will indicate a respect for one another's architectural styles....In particular, developers/renovators will work to maintain some degree of consistency to promote a feeling of unity";

BE IT RESOLVED that the Town Government is sponsoring a volunteer committee of all interested residents, business owners, and members of civic organizations for the purpose of developing a set of enforceable guidelines for the Town of Riverdale Park to use during all government processes involving restoration and renovation of existing properties, new development, and planning that defines and is primarily based on the concept of "architectural compatibility" as it applies to the town.

For more information, contact Vernon Archer at (301) 927-1281.


When 3rd Wednesday of every month 8:00 p.m.
Where Riverdale Park Town Hall 5008 Queensbury Road

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