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Council Actions for September 2001

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Following is a summary of council actions taken at the August 6 regular legislative session and July 30 special legislative session. Absences, abstentions and opposing votes are noted.

Regular Legislative Session
August 6, 2001

1. Approved special exemption for fence at 4808 Nicholson Street.

2. Approved motion to extend Town Center structural engineer bid closing date to August 17.

3. Paper bag delivery was discontinued to residents.

4. Approved curb cut at 5410 Powhatan.

5. Approved motion to adopt Resolution 2001-CR-2, increasing the town's borrowing authority to 0.7%. The motion was amended to provide a sunset of June 30, 2001 to revert the borrowing authority back to 0.4%.

6. Approved motion to pay for grading to bring driveways up to match curb cuts for 5 parcels on the 4800 block of Somerset. Motion clarified to authorize no more than $8,180.

7. Approved motion to authorize construction of the 57th Avenue improvements (roadway, curb, storm drain and sidewalk) for the area of 57th Avenue from Riverdale Road going north to the terminus. Sole source engineering services contract was granted to G & C Construction.

Special Legislative Session July 30, 2001
(CM Davis absent)

1. Introduced of 2001-CR-2, an amendment to Article VI, Section 619 (Limit of Indebtedness) of the Charter of the Town of Riverdale Park.

2. Approved closure of the 5000 block of Tuckerman on August 11 for a block party.

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