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Tree Planting Programs

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By Rebecca Feldberg

Fall is just around the corner and we need to be preparing for tree planting season. We have two planting programs planned for this fall. The first is funded by private donations to plant shade trees in citizen's front yards. The trees under this program will be provided at a nominal cost of $15 per tree to residents. Resident will be responsible for planting and maintaining the trees in perpetuity. This program allows residents to have a shade tree in areas where there is not adequate space on town property.

The other program is our ongoing tree planting on town right-of-way and public spaces. We look forward to expanding this program by buying the trees wholesale and having the public works department plant them. If you know of an area on town property that needs a tree, please call your councilmember (phone numbers are listed on page 2) or the Public Works Department at (301) 864-1803 to add the location to the list. Some things to consider when choosing a site is the tree strip (the area between the sidewalk and the curb) needs to be a minimum of 4' wide. Having overhead wires does not preclude having a tree planted. We will choose an appropriate species that does not get too tall. There will be a variety

of native trees to choose from, some examples being red maple, yellowwood, hackberry, redbud, and willow oak. We are asking citizens who receive a tree near their home to water and mulch for the first two years. This will greatly increase the chance of survival.

Rebecca Feldberg is the Councilperson for Ward 1.

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