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Council Actions for November 2002

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Following is a summary of council actions taken at the October 7 regular legislative session. Absences, abstentions, and opposing votes are noted.

Regular Legislative Session October 7, 2002 CM W. Davis absent.

  1. Approved waiver of 60 day requirement on demolition permit for RA Construction for 4605 Madison St.
  2. Approved construction permit for new building at 4605 Madison St. subject to fees consistent with plans.
  3. Approved waiver of 60 day requirement for demolition permit for Town Center for Douglas Development.
  4. Approved motion to reject petition presented to Town to bring Resolution 2002-OR-3 to referendum--having failed to have the signatures required by the law. Passed 4-0. CM Feldberg abstained.
  5. Approved a six-foot fence at 5402 Riverdale Rd. (Ward 6).
  6. Approved a street light at Somerset Rd. at 49th Ave.: Pole 89412-7327.
  7. Approved curb cut at 4903 Somerset Rd. The Town to pay for creation of a curb cut and apron.
  8. Approved financing to purchase two new police cruisers through ABN AMRO for an amount not to exceed $55,000, at 4.9% for a 4-year term.
  9. Approved motion to recommend approval for NCU certification for 6201 Natoli Pl.
  10. Approved Halloween trick or treat hours from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Passed 4 - 0. CM Tiberio abstained.
  11. Approved waiver of competitive bidding request and appropriate up to $10,000 for sidewalk improvements plan.
  12. Passed motion to approve two-year executive contracts for department heads and Town Administrator after completion of first year of service.
  13. Approved motion to table discussion of Natoli Pl. traffic patterns.
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