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Public Works Report for November 2002

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Leaf collection will begin in November. All fallen leaves before then must be bagged or in a suitable container for yard waste collection. Please do not park vehicles on the street in front of anyone's leaf piles as they cannot be collected. Residents shall rake leaves as close to the curb as possible for collection, but shall not rake leaves or deposit yard waste or other debris in the street or gutter. We ask residents to be patient, if you see the leafer has been on your block on any given day, it will be 3-5 working days before the leafer will be back to that block. We are trying to provide all residents the same service. During leaf collection season bagged leaves will also be collected as yard waste and should be put out on your first collection day of each week.

Holiday Schedule

Public Works is closed on Veteran's Day, November 11, 2002. Trash and yard waste for the whole Town will be picked up on Tuesday, Nov. 12, 2002 with priority being given to trash collection first.

Public Works is closed for Thanksgiving on November 28 and 29, 2002. Bulk trash and metal pickup for the whole Town will be on Wednesday, November 27, 2002.

Tree Limbs

We will pick up tree limbs that are up to 6 inches diameter and up to 5 feet long. These need to be bundled and/or put in a container. The landfill will no longer accept these items. We have found a vendor who will take them for half the price of the landfill and will then compost them. This allows the town to save money and recycle at the same time.

Tree limbs are collected as yard waste. Yard waste is leaves, weeds, grass cuttings, and anything biodegradable from your yard. Please do not mix trash and yard waste together. Reminder: Yard waste is only collected on the first collection day of the week.

Bike Giveaway

Public Works gave away twelve bikes in a free raffle during Riverdale Park Day. Each juvenile winner received a bike helmet compliments of the Riverdale Police Dept.

The winners of the bikes were: Jonathan Marks, Emily Bailey, David Shade, Janet Hansen, Ayo Jaji, Theresa Hines, Mishell Ahmay, Christopher Soles, Yesica Lopez, Jourdan Ginyard, Steffany Bellinger, and Christina Ahmay.

Plastic Bags For Sale

The town office is selling heavy-gauge clear plastic bags for $2.50 for a roll of 25 bags. Placing yard waste in clear bags will save time as our collectors can immediately identify yard waste from other trash.

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