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By Jennie Reinhardt

This month's frightening events were especially alarming to those of us who are parents of public school children. The day after the middle school child was shot, I, like many Riverdale Park parents, walked my children to Riverdale Elementary. I fought down panic as we crossed the highway, thinking how easily our kids could be harmed. And there, all along the walkways to the school, standing only a few feet apart, were our teachers and school staff. I cannot express how deeply that cordon of concern touched me.

School staff and teachers, we know you signed on to teach our children and make the school run smoothly--not be their bodyguards. You must feel exposed and perhaps ineffectual out on those sidewalks, but to our children you are knights in armor. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Riverdale Park police, for your visible and invisible watch over the school these past days, our gratitude also for your protection.

May what we teach and learn about each other's qualities carry us through these hard times.

Jennie Reinhardt is a resident of Riverdale Park.

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