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Riverdale Elementary School Report for November 2002

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By Jaclyn Zier

Welcome, again, from your friends at Riverdale Elementary School! By now, our school year is well underway. If you know a school child, you have probably heard about many of the wonderful things (s)he is learning and experiencing at school. You may have even wondered, "How can I help him/her better succeed in all that (s)he does?" Here are some terrific ideas, as identified by Scholastic, Inc.:

  • Show interest in what your child is doing. Any time you have a chance, ask what (s)he is studying in each subject and try to ask some questions that show that you are either familiar with the topic or would like to find out more. You can do this while eating dinner, walking or driving to school, going to the store, etc.

  • Relate what your child is learning to real-life experiences. Suppose (s)he is studying addition and subtraction. You could ask to see what (s)he has learned and then say, "Now that you've shown me that, I'll finally be able to balance my checkbook more accurately." By bringing your own life experiences to his/her schoolwork, you are reinforcing that children are learning information that is vital to their lives. This is a big step in the right direction.

  • Check every day to see if homework is really done. Ask to see the homework notebook and have your child tell you what is to be completed. Afterward, have your child show you his/her work, so you can check it for accuracy and neatness.

Remember, do all this in a loving way. It is always important to reinforce the work, as we have described above. Your goal is to give your child the tools and study skills (s)he needs to succeed, starting as early as possible, but not to make him dependent on you for everything. Fortunately, that is our goal too. Let's keep working together to help your child make these school years the most successful ever!

Jaclyn Zier is a teacher at Riverdale Elementary School.

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