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Veterans Monument Honor Roll for June & July 1999

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§ Veterans Monument Honor Roll for June & July 1999

The following veterans of military service have been honored by family members or friends through a donation in support of the Veterans Monument:

Paul S. Rutherford, U.S. Army
By Rose Schmidlin, Dave Wiley &
Chrisy Beaulieu

Roy Hudson Wells, U.S. Army
Ruth Wells, U.S. Army
By Barry Wells

Richard Voigt, U.S. Army
By Joyce Alderson-Voigt

Robert L. Nelson, U.S. Coast Guard
Lawrence W. Nelson, U.S. Army
By Donald L. Nelson & M. Irene Nelson

John L. Hiles, Royal Air Force
By David R. H. Hiles

Donald Lawrence Nelson, U.S. Army & Navy
By Chris Davis

Mark Thomas Zornes, U.S. Navy
By Theta J. Zornes

Daniel Smith, U. S. Army
By John D. Denney

Robert V. Prangley, U.S. Army
Robert E. Prangley, U.S. Navy & Army
Joseph M. Prangley, U.S. Air Force
Gregory L. Prangley, U.S. Army
George E. Brown, U.S. Navy & Air Force
By Patrick & Ann Marie Prangley & Family

William P. Richardson, U.S. Navy
By Richard & Marguerite Richardson

Michael Whitesed, U. S. Army
By Marge A. Whitesed

Dorothy J. Nelson, U. S. Army
By Donald L. Nelson

Eugene W. Shier, U. S. Air Force
By Alan Thompson & Sarah Wayland

David Clayman, U. S. Navy
By Selma H. Clayman

John H. Liebl, U. S. Army & Air Force
By Dorothy H. Liebl

Norman E. Lynch, U. S. Army
Robert L. Lynch, U. S. Navy
John R. Lynch, U. S. Marines
Donald J. Lynch, U. S. Army
By Gretchen & Sue Lynch

Richard C. Smither, U.S. Army
Carlie O. Smither, U.S. Army
By Julie Smither

Howard J. Crymes, Jr., U. S. Army
By Jean S. Crymes & Cathy Crymes-Reep

James F. Ferguson, U.S. Coast Guard
By John & Ann Ferguson

Christopher A. Fotos, U.S. Navy
Asha D. Fotos, U.S. Navy
By Anthony N. Fotos & Anne G. Fotos

Barney C. Stokes, U.S. Navy
By Barney Stokes

Ludovic Mabille, French Army
By Marguerite & Richard Richardson

Garfield Thomas, U.S. Navy
By Betsy Godbey

Clayton Wright, U.S. Army
By Rosella Wright & Rosemary Wright Morgan

Eugene L. Reed, U.S. Navy
By Inez C. Reed

Thomas F. Finnin, U.S. Coast Guard
David L. Finnin, U.S. Air Force
Timothy F. Finnin, U.S. Army
By Ruth M. Finnin

Charles DiVincenzo, U.S. Navy
By Charlene & George Guff

All Who Served
By Mr. Ssangulia

Paul S. Rutherford, U.S. Army
By Helen Hottle-Crain

Milton Hess, U.S. Army
By Milton Hess

William A. Overstreet, Confederate Army
By Paul C. Low

William D. Kelley, Confederate Army
By Ronald & Sandra Fisher

James R. McGee, U.S. Air Force
Charles D. Epling, U.S. Navy
By Virginia C. Epling

Edwin L. Purschwitz, Jr., U.S. National Guard
David L. Purschwitz, U.S. Air Force
By Daisy L. Purschwitz

Edward Stitt, U.S. Navy
By Lori & Doug Jarman

Donald C. McDevitt, U.S. Army
By John & Royce McDevitt

Dr. Sidney G. Larson, U.S. Army
By James Larson & Iceil Larson

Joseph B. Rouco, U.S. Army & Air Force
By Edna V. Rouco

Jon Stephen Larson, U.S. Army
By Iceil Larson

Businesses & Residents - $30 - $100

Ethel B. Meyer
ARS/John C. Dorsey
Ernie's Lock Co., Inc.
Junior Mode Shoes & Dance - in honor of all who have served our country

Organizations & Businesses - $100 - $500

Riverdale Park Police Flower Fund
Gazette Newspapers
American Legion - College Park
Woman's Club of Riverdale Inc.
G. T. Wells
Pete and Sons, Inc. T/A Dumm's Corner
The Dental Group
P. G. County Lodge No. 1778, B.P.O. Elks
Riverdale Lions Club
Riverdale Business Association
Riverdale Preservation Association

Tread Com Answering Service, Inc.
Eugene W. Jackson, Jr., U.S. Navy

J. D. Williams - Century 21
J. D. Williams, U.S. Army

Lynn Animal Hospital - in honor of all who served

HBN III Graphics & Photography - in honor of
all unknowns

Riverdale Organics/Hit Products Inc. - in honor of
the men and women of the U.S. Armed Forces

Lester Poretsky - Poretsky Management, Inc.

Margaret B. Bright
Anath J. Bright, U.S. Navy &
J. Allen Bowers, U.S. Air Force

IR Federal Credit Union - in honor of all who
served to protect our freedom

YOU can honor your family members or friends, living or dead, by making a donation in their name. The names of donors and those they honor will be published in each issue of the Town Crier until the project is completed. Complete the form below and mail your check made payable to Riverdale Park Monument Project to:

Town Office - Monument Donation
5008 Queensbury Road
Riverdale Park, MD 20737




Check Enclosed: _ $25* _ $50
_ $100 or more:

* A donation of $25 per veteran honored is suggested.

In Honor of:

Branch of Service:_____________________________________

In Honor of:_____________________________________

Branch of Service:_____________________________________

In Honor of:_____________________________________

Branch of Service:_____________________________________

In Honor of:_____________________________________

Branch of Service:_____________________________________

For information regarding the committee and its activities, call Chairman Ray Badders at

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