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Code & Public Works Reminders for May 2000

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  • Chain link fences are prohibited to the front of properties. Chain link may still be installed to the rear of your property.

  • Six-foot fences must be approved by action of the Mayor and Council. All fences over 42 inches can only be installed at the rear house line.

  • Firewood, building materials, etc. must be stacked at least 18 inches above the ground to avoid providing nesting areas for rodents.

  • The use of indoor upholstered furniture on porches, decks or patios provides nesting places for rodents and other outdoor creatures.

  • Placing your bags of household garbage and trash in plastic containers will prevent crows and dogs from tearing into the bags and spreading refuse on the street.

  • Untagged or disabled automobiles are prohibited on private property or the public street.

Public Works Reminder

The Public Works Department cannot pick up appliances with freon due to the 1990 Clean Air Act Amendment for disposal of freon/CFC's. These include refrigerators, freezers and air conditioners--any appliance with freon.

Universal Appliance Recycling is EPA-certified for recycling and disposal of appliances containing refrigerant (freon/ CFC's). Contact Universal for fees and other information, 301-773-3400.

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